Do You Have a Book in You?

X-ray shows book inside man in doctor's office
Cartoon from Nicholas Rossis,

          Aside from the humor, this seems like something many people might believe–even aspire to. Of course, it’s not quite as simple as the novice or non-writer could wish. Still, for many who are accustomed to writing reports, correspondence, analyses and other words it is not far-fetched. Watch for a new series on this beginning in the February Eagle Peak Quarterly. Why mention it now? I loved the cartoon so much that my friend Nicholas posted on Google + that I just had to jump on it now. In the meantime, I offer this: For those with expertise in one subject area or another, writing and marketing a non-fiction book can be easier than a first time novel. Tailor it to the audience that your work already attracts and you have a head start. I will try to introduce a little more from time to time until Groundhog Day comes along.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I always love it when people share their passion. Keep writing!

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