It’s that time of year again when people eat prodigious quantities of food, engage in sometimes contentious conversations with relatives they haven’t seen all that often and perhaps watch football or parades. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving. Tongue-in-cheek comments as the above are not my real feelings. Probably they are not yours or those of the stereotypical American. Just in case they are, on the eve of this annual American version of this holiday let’s consider these words from Daisaku Ikeda.

 None of us can exist in isolation. Our lives and existence are supported by others in seen and unseen ways, be it by parents, mentors or society at large. To be aware of these connections, to feel appreciation for them, and to strive to give something back to society in a spirit of gratitude is the proper way for human beings to live.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. I thoroughly appreciated today’s blog — so befitting Thanksgiving, and every day. When Daisaku Ikeda wrote, ” … The aim of our faith is to lead lives of complete fulfillment, making every day a New Year’s Day illuminated by the light of the morning sun of time without beginning,” to me, he’s reminding us to have a grateful heart every day, making every day a Thanksgiving Day as well : )

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