Satire Day at Eagle Peak

That’s satire day, not Saturday.

Let’s mock the NRA to start with. Having defeated all reasonable efforts to curtail the killing of kids at schools by gun-toting madmen, do events in Arizona’s “Bullets and Burgers” provide the NRA with the “ammo” for their solution? Arm the kids! Put an Uzi in every elementary school classroom–for the kids, not the teacher and just see how the shootings stop. Instead of a madman shooting up a school, at the Arizona gun range we had a madman giving a 9-year old an Uzi and getting (accidentally) killed for his faulty instruction. All that’s needed is better training–sponsored by the NRA, of course and we will see what all those crybaby liberals have to say.

Can’t let ISIS/ISIL off the hook. Everyone thinks (myself included) that they are really psychopaths masquerading as Islamic militants. But consider this, just look at what they are doing for gender neutrality among orthodox Islamics. Just like the women folk, they are covering their entire faces in black cloth–except for the eyes. How devout! How noble in accepting the proscriptions imposed on females. Or perhaps they have gender identity disorders? Transgender? Nah, I think it is really they have personal identity issues–in that they don’t really want anyone to know who they are. This could stem from a fear of embarrassment–not wanting their friends or family members from finding out what they have been up to OR it simply means they lack the courage and conviction of standing up for their ostensible beliefs publicly. In other words, while barbarous in their conduct, they are inwardly cowardly–afraid to let anyone know who they really are. They are much like bandits around the world or members of the KKK and just as depraved.