ISIS or ISIL–It’s Their Actions That Make Them Unfit to Live Among Other Humans

People and groups that purport to know God’s will and attempt to force their supposed understanding are at best offensive. When they couple it with savage cruelty, again, in supposed concert with their interpretation of how God wishes them to establish His will, they become pathological lunatics. ISIS could as well be an acronym for Irrational Sadistic Islamic (self-identified) Savages. If they were an actual state, they would be chargeable with war crimes. As it is, they are simply organized, serial sociopaths. Over the millenia, countless groups and individuals have claimed to be the chosen ones, with the exact ways that other people should live. But fundamentalist extremists differ little in behavior and consequences from the Third Reich, the KKK and terrorist groups around the world. Bona fide religious organizations do not execute those who refuse to adhere to their beliefs. Legitimate political groups do not require religious conversion upon pain of death. True Islam does not support the beliefs or the actions of ISIS or ISIL. As a pacifist, as a Buddhist, I adhere to the admonition to eliminate the will to kill. At the same time, the right of self-defense remains. In the case of a group like ISIS, the civilized world has the right of self-defense–up to and including the complete elimination of the members of ISIS, if that is what it takes. Successful imprisonment of those who are willing to surrender or able to be captured is preferable, but only if that can be accomplished.