Coming Soon–A New Blog Exclusively with Stories and Excerpts

It’s not ready yet. It will appear sometime in August. Not on this blog, on another one. It will feature excerpts from pieces I am contemplating incorporating into books. In the meantime, here is a sample of the type of writing to expect:

The path that Lily, my golden retriever preferred for her daily walks took us by the nearby retirement home. As much as I tried to steer her on a different route, three days out of four she would insist, in the retriever way with a gentle tug , that we go that way. So I yielded to her choice. With her stuffed plushie frog loosely gripped between her jaws and her bushy tail keeping up its horizontal metronome rhythm, she once again took me down that path. As we passed the retirement home a glint of light caught my eye from a balcony five stories above. A sliding glass door opened to reveal a lady in a green dress watching our progress down the sidewalk. Like most dogs and especially goldens, Lily is a frequent target of admiration by passersby . The matron proceeded to water the potted ficus that occupied a corner of the balcony. I looked away for moment before a flash above drew my attention back to the home. With silver hair streaming in the wind and her dress flapping like a flag, it was the woman plunging from the balcony to almost certain death on the pavement below. Lily barked then, dropping her frog. Just before reaching the ground an amazing  thing happened—a thing that defies belief. A shimmer appeared in the air, like that above a hot summer highway in the distance, just a few feet above the concrete patio below the woman. She disappeared then, through the shimmer, never hitting the ground. Lily barked again, before picking up her frog and moving on with the walk.