Where is the Compassion on Children Crossing the Border?

Back in the early days of the George W. Bush administration, Bush spoke of “compassionate conservatism.” Examples of such were hard to find, although in the waning days of his 2nd term, came the 2008 law that now is being conflated with the overall immigration debate–protecting children from non-contiguous countries who come here seeking protection from abuses in their countries. So what do we see from Americans in California, Texas and Arizona–perhaps New Mexico as well? Not just NIMBYism (not in my backyard) but callous calls to send thousands toddlers to teenagers back home as if they were none other than illegal border crossers intent on corrupting America with their protest. Congressmen, US senators and even the White House insist few will qualify under the law intended to protect them and want them sent home almost immediately to Guatamala, El Salvador or Honduras.  Citizens block buses transporting them for processing and angrily protest their presence here. As a Buddhist, far be it from me to ask WWJD, but this all seems as far removed from Christian mercy as worshiping Satan. It is important to note, this has almost NOTHING to do with the overall immigration issue [more on that in my next post]. 

Our country can send troops to foreign lands to protect people at a cost in the billions of dollars and many American lives, but are we unwilling to protect children who may be raped, tortured, murdered or at a minimum forced into gangs to do the same to others like themselves? Back to Buddhist principles, not making a very good cause here for the security and well being of the US.

Meanwhile, the GOP led House wants to extend 287 BILLION DOLLARS in tax benefits to businesses, with NO OFFSETTING revenue measures (deficit? what deficit) but is unwilling to appropriate 3.7 billion dollars to cover the current crisis with the children crossing the border!