3 Little-Known Phobias

So many phobias, so many odd names for them. Everyone knows about triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13),  acrophobia (the fear of heights), agoraphobia the fear of open spaces or crowds. But what about the really odd ones?

  • The fear or avoidance of replacing the empty roll of paper in the bathroom. Do you know the name for this one? While the wives out there may not know the name, they know the symptom, eh?
  • What about the fear of peanut butter? Hah, what’s to fear with that, you ask. Well, what if you munch into a thick, sticky hunk of the aromatic spread and your jaws get stuck–the adhesive qualities of the nut butter sticking to roof and floor of your mouth? Scary? Not to most people, but to some . . .
  • “Step on a crack; break your mother’s back”–you remember that one, right? You don’t believe it though, do you? No, but what about the fear of stepping in a puddle? Lots of children love to step into them, to the consternation of mothers everywhere. But for those who worry about the depth of the puddle, it’s no messy matter. Oh no, what if it’s really deep? The water’s dark, you can’t see the bottom, it could be over your ankle, maybe even half way up your shin! Now isn’t that something to worry about?