CNN or OCNN (Obsessive Cable News Network)?

Hey, I like to get all the news, just like anyone else. But it strikes me that CNN is just too obsessive. I suppose that their market research tells them they are meeting the preferences of their target audience–otherwise why would it be so? How many hours (so far) spent on missing flight MH370? Donald Sterling? Jodi Arias trial? (almost seems like Oscar Pistorius is getting short-shrifted here). Analysts, guest “experts”, etc. must incessantly be asked for their opinions on the most minute “new” information. For Donald Sterling it’s every retired NBA star that ever lived. Lawyers. Sports writers/commentators. Spokespersons for minority groups. Let’s interview anyone who could possibly have an opinion and who has some gravitas. It goes on and on like this with one topic or another. It’s not like beating a dead horse, it’s way more intensely obsessive. But from my perspective, a name change to OCCN or maybe just OCN is in order. Poor Don Lemon is getting bags under his eyes!