Eagle Peak Quarterly Coming May 1

Coming soon to a browser near you, Eagle Peak Quarterly. Here’s a sneak peak with an excerpt from an article that will be featured on Eagle Peak Press, beginning on May 1:

lotus_for_sneakpeak Pragmatism cover for sneakpeak


Buddhism and Pragmatism

Buddhism is a 2,500 plus year old religion that began in India. Pragmatism is a philosophical system that began in America in the late 19th century. Surprisingly enough, they have some core elements in common and an interesting relationship. Why should you care? If you search for the adjective “pragmatic,” you will get a definition describing a realistic or practical approach to ideas rather than a theoretical one. In other words, real world results or common sense. As you might expect, the adjective comes from the framework of the philosophy. Similarly, Buddhism (as practiced by the author) has a documentary and theoretical basis, but as noted in the background explanation to one of Nichiren Daishonin’s letters to a follower, written in 1275—quite a long time before the development of Pragmatism,

“[W]hile documentary and doctrinal evidence is important in considering the efficacy of a Buddhist teaching, far more important is ‘the proof of actual fact,’ that is, the power of a religion to positively affect the human condition.”


Lotus image http://www.everystockphoto.com/photo.php?imageId=3896189     Pragmatism, Kindle Edition cover: http://www.amazon.com/Pragmatism-Thinking-Unabridged-Start-Publishing-ebook/dp/B00H3RP86Y