Super Bore or Dazed and Confused

What a waste of a Sunday afternoon/evening, depending on your time zone. I could have turned it off and deleted the DVR recording far sooner than I did, with just ten minutes left in the Super Bowl. It had to be one of the worst ever, from the lopsided scoring, broadcast booth coverage and a half-time show best appreciated by those under age 35. Wonder why there were NO close-ups of Russell Wilson and frequent ones of Peyton Manning? Only 37, Manning looked like: a) 57+, b) short on sleep, c) hung-over,  d)ill,  e)simply dazed and confused, f) all of the above. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck must have attended the same Saturday night party that Manning or ? attended. They constantly made erroneous or mistaken observations, only some of which were corrected: to wit, failing to note that a fumble wasn’t a fumble until after a booth review; stating that the Broncos would start out with the ball at the second-half; thought forward progress was short of a first-down but it wasn’t OR vice-versa; on and on with too much sloppy commentary to point out. They too were dazed and confused. Then there was Bruno Venus and the Not-So-Hot Punky Peppers. Yeah, great for the teens through mid-thirties but if you don’t fall in that demographic–blah, yuck, sucks! Can you imagine if you had actually blown thousands of bucks to be there for this game!!! I just wasted an evening.