Bad New Casting; Deteriorating TV Favorites

So this is the snarky TV critic moment that comes over me from time to time.

Will CSI NY be back? Seems like CBS is trying to torpedo it with weird repeat/new show scheduling. That and Sela Ward–who flounces through the show reminding me most of Martha Stewart. What the hell is she doing on a drama, especially a crime procedural. I expect her to come into Mac Taylor’s office wearing an apron and carrying a frou frou floral arrangement any moment. She smiles at the most inappropriate moments. Get rid of her!!!!! Bring back Melina Kanakeredes! She fit with the rest of the cast. She acts circles around sophomoric smiley Sela.

The progenitor, CSI, is doomed. First William Peterson (original cast member Gil Grissom) left a few years ago. Laurence Fishburne, a decent dramatic actor, seemed somewhat like a fish out of water–being put into an oddly defined charactor but makes the most of it–only to be dumped after one season. Ted Danson (?!?!) comes into to take charge. Not too bad, but seems more like a suitable candidate for a game show or a comedy (which he was successful at, but I cared not at all for). And he is supposed to be cast member Catherine’s boss after her demotion over Fishburne’s character’s misbehavior at the conclusion of his one season. Then Marg Helgenberger (Catherine) leaves, only to be “replaced” by Elizabeth Shue–whose relationship with Danson’s character seems to imply, although very subtly, some potential hanky panky in their past (despite his character’s supposedly/seeming devoted marriage) while working together elsewhere. Shue, too, is ok but not very believable or well-suited for the show in how the writers have set up her character. All in all, CSI now is a dim shadow of its former past. Put it out of its misery now; don’t let it die a lingering death of a thousand character cuts. CBS might bring it back, but if they do, next season will be its last. Let’s just end it now.