Class Warfare?

The GOP says Obama’s plan to impose a minimum tax on those earning more than a $million each year constitutes “class warfare.” To which I respond, “and your point?” Or in other words, if so, so what? Let’s get real here, the reason this is so abhorrent a position to those of the Republican persuasion in Congress is that it is those very same million plus earners on whom those elected officials rely for the very large campaign donations required to get elected. Those contributors expect something in return. Not to mention that those elected officials themselves, with possibly a few exceptions, belong to that same “class” they object to Obama “warring” against. Is it really only personal wealth that creates jobs? I doubt it. That was another claim; that Obama’s proposal will stagnate job creation. Oh sure, the GOP wants everyone to believe it is the small (unincorporated) business that creates all the jobs. Oh really? Prove it! Meanwhile, I am with Warren Buffet–make those million and billionaires pay their fair share. It’s not class warfare, it’s class fairness!