Capital One–Cute Commercials; No Conscience

I try not to pry into my “kids'” business. After all, they are in their 20s. So I really didn’t know what a porking he was taking from Capital One. Turns out for a low-limit card, which he doesn’t really use, they have been charging him a $5.99 monthly fee for payment protection. If you are not using the card, you don’t need payment protection. A relatively inexpensive lesson for most, but not so cheap for someone currently unemployed. Hey, they are running a profit-making venture, so why should they avoid milking everybody for all they can pay, if they don’t know any better. He will know better now, of course, since I told him. Still, the point of pushing a product like this on a low-limit card to a low-income person seems rather conscienceless to me. So maybe their commercials are cute; their business practices aren’t.