If you had a choice, where would you live?

If I were a statistician or wanted to get really meaningful results, I might well design a better poll than the one on the right. But this isthe internet after all and I am not doing research for a paper. I just want to get you thinking. For example, if you happen to like the urban life you are in luck given current economic trends–the run up in gasoline costs won’t ding you too hard. On the other hand, living as far as you can from civilization may work for you in terms of utility costs as the effects of global warming kick-in with more. There are always trade-offs. Fuel costs for your vehicle versus fuel costs for you dwelling. Live off the grid or smack in the center of it. As internet technology advances, it may well be possible to live in the middle of nowhere but easily shop for stuff that Amazon will deliver to your door. Not so easy to get medical care though, in the country. The suburbs may be great while you are raising a family, but if you are a teenager with that first car, the gas prices today have to be pinching somebody. I will write more about this, offering some methodologies for those of you in a position to choose your own destiny.