The Ghost in the Machine (2008)

It makes no sense. Logically, scientifically, rationally I doubt it. Yet it seems more plausible than any other explanation that either there is a ghost (a poltergeist) which inhabits electronic devices in my house or there are strange emanations coming from me (brain waves?) that cause the strange behavior. The remote control and the on-off switch freeze on the DVR/VCR; only by unplugging it will it again respond. This has been happening from time to time for several months. Recently, the same thing happened with the TV, using a different remote. Then the red portion, of the red/green/blue video signal, drops out from the cable box downstairs and shows faces as green as the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz. The cable box upstairs does not have the same problem. The next morning, the color is right again. The only thing all of the devices have in common is being attached to the same surge protector; are there spurious signals being sent along the electric lines that affect the control circuits but don’t cut power?

Oh, and the LAN/internet connection for my PC alone comes and goes with no discernible cable, connector or router malfunctions. This too has been happening for months. The inexplicable nature of these events remind me of those odd situations with radios and vehicles while I worked on them in the army many years ago. A radio would not work in a vehicle. I bring it inside and it works perfectly on the bench. I take it back out; doesn’t work. I put the same radio in another vehicle and it works fine. I put another radio in the first vehicle and it works fine. So it’s just one radio and one vehicle that don’t get along. Makes no sense electronically. So that’s why I have to wonder–is it me or a ghost? Karma can be really strange sometimes.