Moral Outrage Feels Good But Changes Nothing

Steven Pearlstein wrote an article this week that encapsulates way better than I can summarize, the greed of CEOs versus the hired help. In this case, it’s airline executives contrasted with the skycaps who lost most of the tips they receive for curbside check-in when American Airlines imposed a $2 per bag fee that the company funnels into its own coffers. As the CEOs suck up massive bonuses, even when the company flounders and stiffs shareholders, the frontline workers take paycuts or lose health insurance coverage. Awful! Meanwhile, even as Pearlstein receives congratulations on receiving a (well-deserved) Pulitzer for his financial writing, he admits in an online chat with readers that he has neither proposed remedies nor optimism that changes for the better will happen any time soon. So, the challenge is left up to the rest of us–what can we do, besides nodding our heads in agreement while saying tsk tsk or perhaps something stronger. Let’s think about that. If you have solutions, send them on to Pearlstein or get started on them on your own.