Happy New Year

Will it be? Happy that is? It isn’t the year that is happy or not, it is we who experience it who are happy or not. What makes me happy? Knowing that I can overcome any obstacle I face, achieve any goal I set. That doesn’t mean things always happen according to the agenda I set.

The end of one and the beginning of another year is not simply an interval marker, it’s an opportunity to congratulate ourselves on what we accomplished in the past year and redetermine to succeed at whatever objectives that we didn’t quite achieve. I got the big one done in 2007–the book published. I didn’t really try to get on Oprah to promote it (are you reading this Oprah? I will be contacting you soon). I will be doing that in 2008.

The new year is also the time to make fresh new determinations. So here it is, along with getting on Oprah: Waiting for Westmoreland will become a best seller in 2008, with over 150,000 copies sold. So get on the bandwagon now; be recognized as one of the wise, early adopters. Already read it? Tell your friends.