CIA Torture Tapes

See, this is what happens when Kiefer Sutherland goes in the slammer for his second DUI, Hayden destroys the tapes of the torture.  I said it before, torture is and should be illegal.  So now we find out for certain that the CIA did in fact waterboard people AND the torture was actually videotaped for further analysis just in case the guys doing the dirty deeds were too engrossed to actually learn everything while it went on.  Now, with the political tides turning and the end of the Bush empire is in sight, we learn that the tapes were destroyed to protect the guilty.  Oh wait, CIA Director Hayden evidently doesn’t think they are guilty since Bush and his legal lackey Fredo (Arturo Gonzalez, former AG) said it was OK.  So if Bush and the AG say it is OK to drop an alleged terrorist off the top of the Empire State Building, would that make it legal and protect a government agent from prosecution?  I don’t think so!  We already know that the Nuremburg defense is not a viable one.  So anyone working in the CIA interrogation section, better start working the phones for their legal defense fund.  AND they better start seeking redemption.