Waiting for Westmoreland

What, that again?  Yes.  OK readers, time to promote.  It’s been two months now since the book hit the internet and now it’s available online in Europe and Asia–at least in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Taiwan and elsewhere.  So if you have read it already, please let your overseas friends know about it.  Oh, and don’t forget your American friends too.  It’s only x shopping days until that Christian holiday when people give gifts.  It is supposed to be a major book selling time of year.  What more could you do for your friends or relatives than turning them on to Buddhism for the new year.

I will be at Dawn Williams shop, Whispering Bear in Occoquan, Virginia on Saturday, December 15th for a book signing (see panel at right).  I have my eye on Bus Boys and Poets in Arlington and Borders in Springfield too, but there is nothing lined up yet.  I am trying to get to Virginia Beach but it depends on what brick and mortar store I can connect with.  If you have a favorite or a contact there, please let me know.