Anti-gravity bra

OK, what the hell is a guy doing writing about this?  Well after the last couple of posts, I thought it was time to lighten up (very punny, haha).  But seriously, this a good story line that I stuck in my writing topics folder for future use.  Let’s be clear here, I am not talking about annoying underwires and strap architecture; no I am talking about a device that could actually repel gravity.  A total defeat for the effects of aging and the increasing mass that may accumulate over time.  Now there would be a real-world application of technology to ensure an inventor’s  financial fortune, eh?

In case I haven’t offended anyone, let me try one more joke line I have been wanting to use if I ever get the chance to do stand-up comedy.  What is up with those stupid leather bras that go on the front of cars.  Let’s say you have a car with a big front end; you know the kind of I’m talking about, right?  So if you don’t buy a bra for it, what I want to know is, will the bumper start sagging after a while?  See, just another use for the anti-gravity bra!

© Copyright 2007 by John Maberry