Memories or the Moment?

From Annapolis, MD, recalling the effects, sometimes, of listening to favorite songs from another time. The pain of memory, things that could–should–might–have been if an effort had been/could have been made at a time that the wonderful soul/spirit stirring music evokes.  Analytical, understanding, observing, deducing, assessing, critiquing, commenting on, but not as often as could be wished–doing.  Time has surely passed with deeds, tasks, desires, etc. undone–Omar says the “moving finger having writ, moves on.”  It is certainly true that it can never be that the past is relived as the past–but, Nichiren Daishonin makes it clear that the effects of the past do not have to be as the causes made in the past would otherwise dictate.  Now and forever is the time to do what I might and still can, if belatedly, do.  Eternity is not a long time–it is no time at all; but only experienced in the moment.  Experienced in the past, it can be joyful or sorrowful; for deeds undone it may mean regret.  Experienced now and forever–eternity becomes opportunity once determination and ichinen merge in faith and practice.  It is never too late to “soar into the ultimate skies of reality!”  (But the time to enjoy it in this lifetime is not unlimited)