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Writing prompts–I love them. I love using them and love sharing them.  So here’s some from my guest post on Chris the Story Reading Ape’s Blog today.

You’re struggling to come up with a story line. You want your character to say something that establishes his or her persona. Of course it shouldn’t be a throwaway, but help develop the character and advance the story. Words or phrases from nearly anywhere can help break the mental logjam. You don’t have to spend time on books or websites that specialize in them, you can find them on your own. You are creative right? So where then?

  • Quote sites can stimulate your mind. You can sometimes use a direct quote itself to introduce a chapter or a scene

  • Memories of events, conversations and more will help—also known as “writing from life,” even as you’re writing fiction. Just change names and enough about any real person to avoid problems.

  • Conversations overheard in cafes, public transportation, on the street or wherever you encounter strangers. Take a snippet as inspiration.

Get the rest of the post here.

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Musical Inspiration for Your Writing

Do you find listening to music helpful while writing? How about making use of particular favorites (or even ones you hate) as inspiration for a story? Try this one on for size–which combines issues of communication in a relationship with the added bonus of a special voice. You do think Stephen Hawking is a cool dude with special gifts of intellect don’t you? How remarkable that he’s on this Pink Floyd cut–Keep Talking from 1994.

Just remember, it’s OK to be inspired but use of even a single line of lyrics in your published written work requires express written permission by the rights holder of the song. Simply citing it is insufficient. Use your own words–not the recording artist.

Anyway, consider this as a writing prompt.  Please let me know if you think this is helpful.


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Acknowledgements: Pink Floyd, Keep Talking from youtube