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Martin Luther King

Forty years ago today, shots rang out in Memphis, killing the Reverend Martin Luther King. I was in Hawaii that day, on R&R from Vietnam. I returned to my unit in Bearcat, the 9th Infantry Division basecamp 25 miles east of Saigon after the riots had spread across America. Things were not much more wonderful there. Tensions between blacks and whites were already high. Continue reading Martin Luther King

Virginia Book Festival

I am at the Book Fair today in Charlottesville, Virginia peddling my wares. Offering signed copies of Waiting for Westmoreland that is. See details in Booktour.com, link to the right. With the advent of Eckhardt Tolle and other spirtual writers, I hope you will consider reading my real life version of finding your inner purpose along with a clearly articulated methodology and vision to get you there. Oprah comes later for me.