Experimental Drugs for the Terminally Ill

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to consider a case on appeal from the DC Circuit denying that there is any protected constitutional right for a terminally ill patient to either participate in a drug trial or otherwise receive a waiver allowing adminstration of an experimental drug. Continue reading Experimental Drugs for the Terminally Ill

New Ikeda Website Launched

daisaku_small.jpgIf you want to know more about the man, his writings, his philosophy, etc., there is now an official Daisaku Ikeda website apart from the main SGI site.

Love (marriage) and Politics

There are some (you know, those other people, the social scientist type researchers) who say that arranged marriages common in some cultures (not America) actually can result in more successful long-term relationships and that the individuals involved wind up loving one another over time as they experience life together. On the other hand, there are those who say that familiarity breeds contempt. Now for the big metaphorical/analytical leap to politics, I offer this observation: We have candidates courting us, the electorate, asking us to (figuratively speaking) fall in love with them as our next president. Continue reading Love (marriage) and Politics

Next booksigning coming up

OK, I have been derelict in posting new items lately. I have had a lot to do and still do, in getting booksignings scheduled and PR out. So, on that topic, I will be at the Borders Express on the lower level of Springfield Mall, Springfield, Virginia on Saturday, January 12th from noon to 5 PM. Look for me in Florida in early February. Stay tuned to BookTour.com which will have all the details.

If you have things you want to see here, you are just going to have to let me know. Or, and this is really cool–if you want me to come to your area for a booksigning, you can put in a request on BookTour.com.

Happy New Year

Will it be? Happy that is? It isn’t the year that is happy or not, it is we who experience it who are happy or not. What makes me happy? Knowing that I can overcome any obstacle I face, achieve any goal I set. That doesn’t mean things always happen according to the agenda I set.

The end of one and the beginning of another year is not simply an interval marker, Continue reading Happy New Year

Osama bin jerking

If Osama bin Laden is so down on Western culture, how come he is so vain as to dye his beard to try and reduce his age. If he really had any wisdom, which anyone with sense knows he lacks, he wouldn’t need to try and pretend he is younger than he is.

A Page a Day Is All It Takes

How more profoundly simple can you make it than this? Be persistent; just do it! From an interview with Jim Lehrer, PBS guru and author of many books, comes these pithy words in the Washington Post Book World today,

“A young man came up at a book-signing once,” he recounts, “and said, ‘Mr. Lehrer, I’d write, too, if only I could find the time.’

” ‘Do you think you could write a page a day?’ ” Lehrer asked.

” ‘Oh, sure!’ ”

” ‘Well, at the end of 300 days, what would you have?’ ”

The youth looked puzzled, and then light broke over his face like morning. ” ‘A novel?’ “


Eagle Peak Press, the main site, has been updated with news feeds from Amnesty International and the Earth Charter Initiative. More updates coming soon there and here as well by the New Year. Trying to improve the content.

Seasons Greetings


Image courtesy Cirque du Soleil


Seasons Greetings one and all. Together, let’s bring joy into the New Year, succeeding at all we set hearts and minds to do–persisting, persevering until victorious over any obstacles.

More Shankar–the Lemming Effect?

I am late posting but can’t resist linking TWO Shankar Vedantam articles to my last post on stock market reporting. The irony is the headline on one and the introductory paragraph to the next. The first article on December 3rd, provided detailed analysis of studies suggesting that looking up at the sky may be a good gauge on when to buy or sell stock. When it’s cloudy, stocks decline; when it’s sunny, they rise. So the recommendation is to buy cloudy and sell sunny. Now this analysis, unlike the navel gazing the financial reporters indulge in every day, has the benefit of empirical data that seems plausibly persuasive. The second article leads off a discussion of a long ago study confirming a lemming-like effect among human passersby on a New York sidewalk. As they walked by volunteers looking up at the sky (at nothing in particular), the unknowing test subjects tended to do likewise.  Moreover, the more volunteers staging the skyward gaze, the higher percentage of passersby who would copy the behavior. Vedantam uses this observation to note that blindly following the herd may be yet another explanation for investment behavior. Naturally, following a herd which knows nothing more than yourself is not a good guide for investment, as Vedantam points out. While in some cases the herd may be quite right, there are times when they are not so it behooves you to discern which is which.

Naturally, this prompts me to offer another Buddhist homily from the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, “Miao-lo comments, ‘Wise men can perceive the cause of things, as snakes know the way of snakes.’ ” WND, page 254. In other words, or perhaps I should say many more words–those who embrace the Mystic Law or the Wonderful Dharma will acquire the wisdom to know which signs are those of unthinking herds and which are those of the discerning investor. By no means, however, am I simply suggesting that all one has to do to be a successful investor is to be a devout Buddhist. On the contrary, what I am suggesting is that one will learn a methodology a law professor I once had instilled in his students: “If you know what you don’t know, you know what you need to find out.” That means having the sense to stop and figure out what you do and don’t know.  And chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo will help you take that deep breath, clear your head and sniff out the truth.

Seeing things as they really are, without the illusions or delusions

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