Designated shooter.

Sorry I have to keep picking on the wackos in the Virginia General Assembly. Seems it’s important to the gun nuts to be able to carry concealed weapons into bars and restaurants (they already can pack heat on the hip, in plain sight). So along with designated drivers, I guess we will now have designated shooters (possibly the same people since they are not supposed to drink and carry guns–OK, Mr. local policeman, let’s see you enforce that one!). John Wayne may be dead, but he lives on in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Or is it Charlton Heston?

Regular coffee

Off the road and back to the home PC. Stopped at an outlet mall along I-95 on the way home from Florida. Instead of regular coffee, all they had was irregular. Goes with the clothes offered for sale at the outlet stores I guess.

Road Trip! FNCC in the RV and then on to Disney

We left Virginia on Wednesday, spent a night in Lumberton, NC and a night north of Jacksonville before arriving at the Florida Nature and Culture Center on Friday. Weather is great and we will be getting lots of inspiration for our endeavors at this conference for members of the SGI-USA Arts Division. From here, it is one day north of Tampa before four nights at Disneyworld. A booksigning is happening at Happy Bookseller in Columbia, SC on the 18th. For details, see Then it will be back home on Tuesday. So I will be posting infrequently for a few days. Oh, have no fear, we voted absentee for the Virginia primary.

Where do the accents go?

Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, George Michael, David Bowie–most from the sixties and most still singing now. They talk and it’s obvious where they are from. Where do the British accents go when they sing? It’s not just them, it’s all the singers from England. If you know anyone whose accent remains, let me know in a comment here. Or let me know if you have an answer; I’m curious.

Competitive Yoga, Resistance Training?

In a recent special to the Washington Post, I found this interesting tidbit:

Once upon a time, people did yoga to relax. But closer to home, Type A’s . . . are squeezing an adrenaline rush out of their ohm (sic) time.

This is shocking news, given that ohm is a measure of electrical resistance. Perhaps the writer or the post copy editor meant om time–as in “Om mani padme hum” a Tibetan Buddhist mantra referring to the jewel in the Lotus. Which in itself has no necessary correlation with Yoga either. In its various forms stemming from India, I don’t believe Yoga is associated with Buddhism. Oh well. It was enough for a good laugh reading the otherwise dreary political news on Sunday.

SGI President Releases 2008 Peace Proposal

Each year, on January 26th, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda releases a peace proposal–directed in part to the United Nations but in essence for the entire world. This year is no exception. From the Soka Gakkai International website comes this:

In his 2008 peace proposal issued today (January 26, 2008) to commemorate the anniversary of the SGI’s founding in 1975, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda calls for the humanization of religion as one path toward peace.

Commenting that the current trend towards fundamentalism is found not only in the religious sphere, but also in excessive attachment to national or ethnic identity and even to market principles, Mr. Ikeda stresses the need to put the human being at the center of all issues. He identifies dialogue as key in combating fanaticism, mistrust and dogmatism.

He also makes concrete proposals toward protecting the planet’s ecology, upholding human dignity and creating the infrastructures of peace.

For a more comprehensive summary, go here. The full proposal will be available in English at a later date. When it is, I will add more discussion and a link to the site.

Arun Gandhi and Jews

Its been brewing for a long time in me and now it has bubbled over. I find it absolutely appalling that Arun Gandhi, a wonderful spokesperson for peace and understanding among all people of the world has felt compelled to resign as president of the New York Peace Center. All in the name of the knee-jerk charge of anti-Semitism against anyone who dares to call into question the prerogatives of Israel. This despite his apology. Continue reading Arun Gandhi and Jews

Clinton 2008 Triangulation–Not an Option

After this one, maybe a break from politics is in order. That said, here’s the deal: In 1992, Bill Clinton could slam rapper Sister Souljah in a talk to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition about extreme remarks she made a month or so earlier. Although not exactly appreciated by many African Americans, Bill didn’t suffer as much with them as he gained with the white center voters in the ’92 presidential race. Triangulation worked fine then; Continue reading Clinton 2008 Triangulation–Not an Option

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