Finding Literature in the Most Unlikely Places

Portrait of Alexander Pushkin, 1827While at a  weekly Writer’s Group meeting, I bought a  candy bar. Much to my surprise, I found two parts of a poem by Alexander Pushkin inside the  wrapper. I must confess never having read any Pushkin before. Now I shall have to seek out his writing. Here’s stanzas III and IV of Autumn.

What fun it is, with feet in sharp steel shod,
To skim the mirror of the smooth and solid streams!
And how about the shining stir of winter feasts? . .
But in the end you must admit that naught but snow
For half the year will even bore a bear
Deep in his den. We cannot ride for ages,
In sleighs with youthful nymphs
Or sulk around the stove behind storm windows.

O, summer fair! I would have loved you, too,
Except for heat and dust and gnats and flies.
You kill off all our mental power,
Torment us; and like fields, we suffer from the drought;
To take a drink, refresh ourselves somehow –
We think of nothing else, and long for lady Winter,
And, having bid farewell to her with pancakes and with wine,
We hold a wake to honor her with ice-cream and with ice.

Have a Happy New Year. Do some reading of good works.

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Acknowledgements: Poem excerpts by Alexander Pushkin

5 thoughts on “Finding Literature in the Most Unlikely Places”

  1. Ok, that’s fascinating, you found those words in a wrapper? What kind of bar was it? LOL. Happy New Year John and Juanita. 🙂

    1. The Gila Writers Group now meets at this Market Place Cafe, part of a Silver City Co-op. So all the products they sell are “organic.” Never have seen or heard of the candy company, but it’s called “Chocolove.” They had three varieties of dark chocolate stuffed with almond butter or other stuff. So I guess one would have to buy more of the products to get all the stanzas of a given poem–LOL. 🙂

      And Happy New Year to you and Gordon. Loved your post on that.

      BTW: I was going to wait until next week for my next really fake news post but there’s so much real (absurd) news happening now I will shoot for New Years Eve.

      1. Wow, do you think I could get those yummy chocolates in Arizona? Sound delicious and entertaining!!!
        Thanks for reading my post, and do remember, I told you his name his George 😉 . Looking forward to you fake news LOL, going to a bash and my brother’s tomorrow night so will be reading New Year’s Day. Can’t wait to boot this year out on it’s ass LOL. Happy New Year’s! 🙂

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